My Services

I can help you identify what makes sense for your brand – which may include developing your brand voice if you don’t already have a clear guide mapped out. We will discuss your needs, your customers, and what we can accomplish to make your brand stand out. This may include the development of an editorial or content calendar, social media strategy, and scheduling.

Here are the services I typically offer:

Branded Content and Digital Marketing Strategy


I take your written content and review it from the reader’s perspective. I’ll provide feedback on ways to improve the flow, tighten up transitions, as well as catch your grammatical and spelling errors. Proofreading is typically a one and done thing, your second set of eyes to make sure your copy is truly tight and error-free.


I can go deeper and edit your copy with in-line comments and change suggestions as well as make suggestions to ensure that consistency to your brand style is maintained. Whether it’s an e-mail blast, newsletter, e-book, or blog post, I’ll make sure your content is clean and well-written in your unique voice. 

Content Optimization

I take what you have and make sure that your copy is not only well-written, but also ideally formatted and improved for SEO. I’ll check your metadata in addition to on-page content to make sure search engines (and thus your customers) find you!


This is my sweet spot. I have experience developing a range of content, from blog and newsletters to interviews, training manuals, social media posts, resumes, microcopy for applications, and long-form e-books and guides. I’m skilled at researching new topics, conducting subject matter and thought leadership interviews, and gaining the valuable information needed for quality content.  

Podcast Marketing Strategy

If you have a podcast, there are a number of ways to maximize this content. I will work with you to develop top-notch show notes as well as deep-dive blog posts that go into your topic in a way that enhances what you already have. I can also help with your marketing strategy to gain more subscribers.

UX Copywriting

Whether you are developing an internal tool for your staff or creating a new client-facing application, you want it to be easy to use. That’s where I come in. I work directly with your developers and designers to ensure your users can flow through your site or application smoothly – providing microcopy cues that are helpful and to the point.

Social Media Strategy and Social Listening

Need content scheduled for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other sites? I make sure your posts are on-brand, engaging, and true to your voice. I research the hashtags, relevant calendar events, and other opportunities to tap into as they are happening.


Depending on the project and client, I can charge per hour, estimate a flat fee for the project, or work out a retainer agreement for ongoing services. Let's start with a free discussion about your needs and how a writer like myself can help, and see where it goes from there.