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Dare to stand out in a crowded market with content that speaks to your audience

I specialize in crafting copy that is approachable and relatable even when your content seems technical or full of insider jargon. Whether you need promotional content for a new product or service, website content development, marketing assets like brochures or flyers, or even annual appeals, I'm your girl. 

A Few Samples:

Website, Social Media and Blog Copy

Website Copywriting and Brand Naming

Brochure Copy

Website Copyedit and Blog Editorial


Why you do what you do is a story that deserves to be told

Storytelling is not only how you differentiate yourself from your competitors, it is also the heart of "why" you do what you do. For years I cultivated a storytelling platform for a national nonprofit to help showcase the impact of the community development industry by highlighting the individual impact.

Here are a few I worked on:

A Small Business, A Growing Industry, and a Fresh Start

How I work with you:

To tell your success and impact stories I work directly with you and (when possible) your clients. I'll visit your location, conduct site visits, and interviews to make sure I get the whole story from every angle. 



A story can work on many channels. I will develop each story in the way that best suits your needs including: a blog post, case study, testimonials, brochure copy, annual reports, and even scope out how to tell the story on social media.

Colorful Bubbles


Expand Your Influence

Whether you need support for your current blog or want to start one, I can help with everything from creating a full content calendar, to filling in content where you need it. Why blog? To enhance your SEO, your thought leadership, and engage with your customers. 


A Few Samples by Topic:

Thought Leadership in Higher Ed

Engaging your audience

Reporting on social media Success


Travel and tourism

Much of the blogging I do is for you and not bylined by me. If you want to see more articles I've written, just ask!

Event Marketing Blog Post image details a marketing strategy for corporate events


Blog Content and Social Media Strategy

As the blog editor for from its inception, I have developed a regular cadence of blog posts that help generate excitement about our cornerstone events. As the primary contributor to the blog, I authored about a dozen blog posts tied to an annual industry Conference and supported a social media hashtag strategy designed to entice registrations and enhance engagement on site. Supporting posts include a plug for the host city, an encouragement to engage on social media, and an invitation to network with an event app.    


Event Marketing for the 2018 Conference resulted in the highest attendee rate to date, as well as the highest social media engagement rate: with more than 4MM impressions and trending for 2 days in Chicago

How I can do this for you:

If you are hosting an event I can help you identify key opportunities to market your event across your digital channels with a marketing calendar tied to your blog, social, email, and even event app efforts. I can craft event highlights for media pitches or Press Releases for exciting announcements and help distribute on the wire.

Whether your event is B2B or B2C I can scope a plan and see it through. 


Tell Your Story, Your Way

Simply put, establishing a clear brand voice makes it easier to ensure your customer knows who you are. But more than that, it helps inform how you react in a crisis, what you say when you meet your customers in person, and how you ensure new team members can onboard to your corporate culture. 


As a solopreneur, you may think your personality should be your brands - but even if that is the case, you want to make sure it highlights the best parts of your authentic self in a way that resonates with your target audience.

How I work with you

From interviews to market research, I help identify how your brand should communicate by first getting to know your ideal customer.  Then I develop a clear and easy to follow guide so everyone on your team has a go-to resource for all your marketing and communications needs, ensuring consistency no matter the audience.


Brand Guidelines

Sample Messaging Deck