You, Yes You, Need a Website Copywriter

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Writing relatable, interesting copy isn't rocket science. But when it comes to your website, crafting high-quality copy is an essential step you don't want to miss. While hiring a copywriter might not be in the first thing you think about when you set out to start a business, it is one of the best investments you can make to set your business off on the right foot.

To understand why, let's look at how sloppy copy happens:

1. You can't get out of your own head. There is a reason people hire biographers - telling your personal story isn't always easy, especially if you are emotionally attached to your concept.

2. You get in the weeds on other facets of the business and realize you need to put something, anything, on your website to get things up and running. Then that copy stays there for months or even years. Yikes!

3. You have many skills, but writing isn't one.

Some combination of the above seems to happen for a lot of business owners, especially number 2. What I often find is that so much of the concept is in your head and it is hard to fully articulate it for the lay audience (after all, you are the expert). But if your content is unapproachable or confusing, it doesn't matter what you offer, you're going to miss your opportunity to connect with your audience.

A few things a copywriter can help with:

1. Give you back your time. Let's face it, running a business is a 24-hour/day job and the last thing you have time for is to put everything on hold while you write an About page.

2. Clarifying your message. Your ideas may be highly technical but your audience isn't. Copywriters help break down your concept into something the average consumer understands.

3. Consistent customer experience. Writing for your audience in a consistent voice and with on-brand messaging so the consumer experience is seamless from page to page.

4. Attracting your audience. Copywriters can do the SEO research and make sure your content is optimized while remaining relatable. The last thing you want is keyword jargon all over your page.

5. Crafting compelling Calls to Action. Once your customer lands on your site, they want a clear path to connect to your services. A copywriter guides that conversation with CTAs that are clear and obvious.

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