15 Minutes to Supercharge Your Social Media

If you don't have someone dedicated to managing your social media on staff, is there any way to actually succeed at social media marketing? While you might not go viral, there are 10 very easy steps you can take to minimize your stress and stay active on social media even when you have a million other things on your plate.

If you are on more than two social media platforms, spend 15 minutes evaluating which platform has the greatest audience and which is sorely lagging. Kill all the accounts that are dragging you down and specialize in only 1-2. Social media success doesn't mean you have to be social on EVERY platform.

Block 15 minutes every day on your calendar. Spend that time liking, sharing, retweeting, or otherwise engaging with your social media audience. It's meant to be social after all.

Take 15 minutes to update your social media profile. Is the photo eye catching, is the text relevant? Your profile is one way your audience will find you, do yourself a favor and make a few tweaks for a better first impression.

Spend 15 minutes searching relevant hashtags. This cool tool can help you find ones you didn't even consider.

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