Case Study: Even A Fortune 500 Brand Needs a Voice

For a brand to thrive, it needs a clear personality. Trusted, reliable, funny, serious - the attributes we associate with our own personality can be clearly defined for your brand, and followed. Defining the brand voice is important, especially if your company will grow and experience the inevitable churn of staff changes.

The Challenge

A venture-capital funded arm of a Fortune 500 company needed a clearly defined voice. Despite two years of development, the core brand identity was still in its nascent stages. Without this clearly defined attribute, the brand struggled to sound cohesive on its digital properties, emails, and even in-person presentations.

The Process

I undertook a 6-month project to define and execute a clear brand voice, paired with an in-progress visual identity. By researching the resources available to me, I was able to identify the opportunities to use what existed to build a more cohesive brand experience.

  • I took my cues from UX design to understand how the voice could complement the visual identity

  • I conducted interviews with subject matter experts to learn more about the product offering, the customer journey, and the long-term strategy

  • I reviewed the content in its current state to help identify opportunities for optimization once the brand voice was defined

The Solution:

With the research phase completed, I developed a comprehensive brand voice guideline document that included everything about the brand identity and tips for how it could be best used. This was presented in a full-staff meeting and included one-on-one training with key communicators on the team.

From there, I applied the guidelines to current documentation as well as in the creation of a new messaging tool that was designed to help employees (especially those in sales) develop their own pitch presentations.

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