I’m Lindsay, a content writer, messaging wiz, and creative thinker that works directly with you (or your team) to tell your story. I have a soft spot for brands that create an intentional positive impact in the world—whether micro or macro.

I’m a liberal arts nerd, with a BA in literature and an MA in history and museum/archival studies. For more than 10 years I’ve created content for the web, social media, and—lately—apps.  I do microcopy and long-form and everywhere in between. And I like to flex my writing skills by working in different industries rather than going all-in on one niche. Why?

Because I think a lot can come from cross-population and multi-disciplinary learning.

In addition to client work, I make sure to create a space to write from my own perspective. In addition to my blog here, you can check out my travel blog where you can get to know the “real” me a little better.


What it’s like to work with me.

First and foremost, I come at this as a writer first. BUT a lot of what you will gain from working with me will be in the form of research, analysis, and conversation. I like to get to know you, genuinely understand your pain points, what makes your brand “tick” and think through what you really need.


My recommendations are always based in what I think will be best for you, but ultimately you’re the decision-maker. I’m just here to make your life easier.


I’m also incredibly responsive and detail-oriented. I will always respond to you, get things done on time, and communicate openly with you. 

If we are working together on a one-off project, here are the steps I like to follow:

  • Get to know you: I’ll send you a tailored survey based on your inquiry and then use this information to inform my proposal. We will have a kick-off call where I’ll restate your needs to make sure I explicitly understand you before even beginning to work. This is free of charge.

  • Submit a Proposal: This is where we get a contract and defined the scope of work, key deliverables, and make sure any outliers or red flags are taken care of before the work begins.

  • Get to work. Content Development can take two forms:

    • Deadline-Driven Content Development: We’ve agreed to everything and now it’s on me to get the work done. If the project is a webpage or blog post, you won’t hear anything else from me until I submit the content for your review and approval.

    • Agile Content Development: If I am coming on as a UX copywriter, or retainer, I will embed with your UX team to provide content needs based on your agile method. I’ve worked with designers and developers typically in two-week sprints where copy is typically 2 weeks ahead of development find it easiest to manage rolling deliverables as a part of a team.

  • Incorporate your insights: I submit tight, nearly perfect copy for your approval. But as it is YOUR brand I am representing, I always welcome feedback and changes. Most of my projects allow for one round of revisions before submission but more can be negotiated as we are getting to know one another.

  • Finalize it: I adapt any of your feedback into the final product and deliver it on time. We will have a final call to walk through the process and discuss future opportunities.

I'm adaptable as long as there are open lines of communication so if this flow isn't your preference, let's find one that works for your team.

Questions You Might Have:


Not ideally - I built this one, but let's be honest, it could be better. That said, I know some amazing designers and would be happy to either put you in touch or create a package that includes copy from me and design with a pro.


An ongoing partnership is something I am happy to consider on a case by case basis.



Yep - and I try to update it regularly. Here is my professional experience, updated in January 2020.

I am always open to exploring and learning in new areas. That said, I have a client list that includes the following areas:

  • Tech and IT

  • Nonprofit

  • Travel

  • Healthcare

  • Lifestyle/Parenting

  • Higher education

  • Digital Marketing

  • E-Commerce

  • Personal finance


When you work with me, you get:

  • Clear copy that doesn’t confuse the issue

  • Real words, not jargon

  • Timelines, deadlines, and honest feedback

  • Genuine interest in your success


Each client need is unique, so my goal is to work with you where you are. Some clients prefer an hourly rate, others like a pre-determined package of deliverables at a flat rate. I am happy to work with you to scope out a package that works for both of us.